Christmas Drama Production Needs 11/15/20

Christmas Drama 2020 is in the Works, So Don’t be Left Out.

Mark your calendars now for December 19th @ 5pm to come  and invite others to enjoy the drama.

Still Need:

-Several strong men or teenagers (will be hidden, not an acting role)
-Some Kids 4-11 (Call by Sunday 11/15/20) for a simple, but fun part — Will need a costume, so call by Sunday 11/15.
-Backstage helpers

Want to learn more?

Call Samanatha Martinez (951.390.8168) our Team Communications Coordinator. She’s the go-to gal to find the answer to questions you may have about getting involved, Craft Work Days, rehearsals, props or materials needs, etc.

Yes! There will be a Kids Choir, so call Celeste Cherry (951.663.7496) today to get your kids involved.

Image of on-stage Grinch and Little White Dog from VVAG production

This is from last year’s production. Bill Schenk is the Grinch and Cubby is playing the role of the Grinch’s hapless, longsuffering, puppy.